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Grievance Redressal Mechanism


When any grievance arises from the borrower in connection with loan/services provided to her, Area Manager/Regional Manager takes cognizance of the same and discusses the matter of grievance and its causes with the concerned Branch Manager. Whenever situation demands, the above field level Senior Officer talks with the borrower and tries to solve the borrower’s grievance through mutual discussions and taking necessary action accordingly. The field level officers at senior level are always in contact with the borrowers to take care of their needs and provide customer support whenever required.

In most of the cases, borrower grievances are redressed at field level. Once the grievances are resolved, the concerned Area Manager sends the report on grievance redressal to Grievance Redressal Cell located at Head Office through mail. Besides, monthly Grievance Redressal Report of the concerned Branch is also forwarded to Head-HR for his necessary information.

Head-HR is in charge of the Grievance Redressal Cell and looks after the grievances by taking appropriate care of the same separately through a dedicated Help-Line No. whenever any grievance is forwarded to him by the borrower through the Help-Line. He listens to the borrower’s grievance and examines each aspect of the same. After that, he speaks to the Relationship Officer and Branch Manager of the concerned Branch to know in depth the genuine cause of the grievance and how it has been built up. He tries to explore the core issues of the grievance and through interaction theBranch level employees and the borrower arrive at a mutually acceptable satisfactory and amicable solution. If any grievance of serious nature concerning behavioural or other issues is forwarded to Head of HR verbally or in writing from the borrower, he immediately intervenes and makes his utmost effort to identify the nature and real cause of contention. Through interactions with the affected parties, he tries to solve the issues linked with the grievances in a logical, fair and transparent manner and tries to ensure that this type of grievance is not repeated again.

The In-Charge of Grievance Cell at Head Office prepares fortnightly MIS report on Grievance Redressal and sends it to the Managing Director of the Organisation. He also prepares the report on Grievance Redressal for quarterly Board Meeting. He sends quarterly Grievance Redressal Report to MFIN in order to comply with the regulations.

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 Key Operational Statistics as on 30th Nov 2018.
 Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs. Cr.) 318.06
BC Portfolio (From IDBI Bank)(Rs.Cr.) 16.29
No. of States 5
No. of districts 27
No. of Branches 108
No. of Active members 2,78,358
Loan Amount Disbursed during this period of 2018-19 351.07
Average O/S Loan (INR) 16,013
Regular Repayment Rate 99.69%
Number of Employees 645+

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