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Through our site we have tried to communicate how we perceive microfinance and how eradication of poverty is possible through combined efforts. In a world where income is skewed, distribution of resources and benefits are unequal and no two things are alike, how can we ensure that the minimum reaches the maximum?

When smart people put their abilities together, they come out with workable solutions. When investors provide funds and are assured of returns, when donors provide grants without expecting returns, when governments launch schemes that are managed well and when delivery mechanisms are fine tuned to peak efficiency, reaching out to millions seems a possible goal. The recipients of the largesse also need to show initiative to rise up to these efforts and use these lifelines to make significant changes that can alter their lives for the better.

That process is in place and alongside exist various development initiatives to foster sustainable growth. We believe in participation to change the world. We also believe that there are no fool proof solutions. Every method works in some way. However, some have higher impact than that of others. Through our venture, we intend to work hard to reduce hardship.


December – 2014


Best Branch Award for the period of April , 2014 to September 2014 goes
to “Kishanganj”

Mr. Alok Biswas, Managing Director handed over the award to Mr. Prakash Chandra
Sarkar, Branch Manager, Kishanganj & to Mr. Paresh Chandra Singha, the Area
Manager of Kishanganj .

Our Philosophy

Everything we do at Jagaran is motivated by a deep commitment to the needs of our members. This commitment expresses itself in the following ways.

Service Excellence: Provide unfailing service at the right
place and at the right time.

Product Offering: Listen to the market and offer practical solutions

Support and Guidance: Understand problems and assist members whenever required

Transparency: Be transparent in all our dealings with


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